office bully

Employment Law UK Limited has a strong and successful track record with winning employment tribunal cases for employees at hearing. We have brought successful cases on discrimination, unfair dismissal and unfair constructive dismissal, redundancy dismissal and breach of contract.

Many of our claims have involved bullying and harassment at work and we can advise on how to bring a grievance against your employer or a particular individual that you work with.

We offer a free telephone consultation in the first instance which enables you to discuss your employment problem in confidence with a highly skilled employment specialist in an informal and friendly way prior to committing yourself to anything.

We appreciate that having employment problems or losing a job through unfair dismissal, constructive unfair dismissal or any form of discrimination is daunting enough without concerns about paying for legal fees.

We are happy to advise on


Discrimination ● Sex ● Disability ● Gender reassignment ● Marriage and civil partnership ● Race ● Religion or belief ● Sexual Orientation




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